Most Romantic Tattoos for Couples

Most Romantic Tattoos for Couples

It seems that every big phase of romance is sealed with a kiss. Why not commemorate your life together with something a little more lasting? For a love that’s sure to last, why not say so with something permanent? These tattoos are romantic, classy and downright cute! Perfect for those planning to spend forever together!

#2 Matching Marriage

This is such a unique idea. Everyone has a unique love story and we love that this couple did things a little differently. Instead of getting identical tattoos, they got tattoos that symbolized their relationship together. She went for cute silhouettes of the two of them. He could have gotten the exact same one and it would have been adorable but he got something a little more detailed. His has their wedding date, initials and the location. The placement of the tattoos might be a nod at their marriage as well. They’re placed on their left arms and everyone knows the left hand is the side that wears the wedding ring. They say that you can tell a lot about a person by their tattoos and that is certainly true of these two. No matter where they go or what they do, everyone will know they’ve found love.

Matching Marriage - Most Romantic Tattoos

#1 Happily Ever After

What better couple to model after than Mickey and Minnie? As we’ve learned, they’re a couple that can stick together. The two have been together since 1929 and are still very much in love! Mickey came along first and then Minnie was created as the light of his life. Like Eve for Adam, she was the perfect partner to our young hero. For the couple that feels they’re absolutely made for each other, this is a beautiful symbol. This is such a cute way to tell your partner that you love them and that their kiss means so much to you. Take it from Minnie and Mickey, you can have a happily ever after, afterall.

Happily Ever After - Tattoos