Most Romantic Tattoos

#11 Jack and Sally

If Mickey and Minnie are a little too "cute" for you and your beau, this couple is just right. From the visionary mind of Tim Burton, Jack and Sally came to life. For fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, this tattoo is one of the most romantic images around. After all, these lovers have been singing to our souls for 20 years now. Jack lived in fame as the Pumpkin King, growing tired of the fame and praise for doing the same, old things. Sally was a shy girl, stuck caring for her inventor. She had longed for the chance to get to know Jack since she had a crush on him from afar. After a series of adventures, we all know how it ends for these two. It can be remembered as one of the best works of Tim Burton's career. The tombstone heart is the perfect finishing touch! It's just missing his little dog, Zero!