10 Simple Weight Loss Tips

10 Simple Weight Loss Tips

Many of us struggle with our bodies, but with these simple rules I lost 20 lbs in 10 weeks! A combination of healthier choices and a little exercise can go a long way, but if that’s too hard, here are some simple tips that are guaranteed to help.

#1: Red Wine

Red Wine - Simple Weight Loss Tips

It’s better not to drink, but if you want a drink or are out with friends, avoid mixed drinks like the plague. Beer is also heavy on carbs, and the “ultra-light” beers taste like water. Instead, find a nice dry red wine, such as cabernet or merlot. In addition, red wine can act as an appetite suppressant and is good for your heart in moderation!

#2: Cheat Day!

Cheat Day - Simple Weight Loss Tips

Take a day off once a week where you let yourself pig out on your favorite indulgence. I prefer Saturday, since I can keep myself on a rigid diet more easily on weekdays. Letting go one day a week may actually help your body remember how to deal with the unhealthy foods and improve your overall weight loss.

#3: Nutty snacks

Nutty snacks - Simple Weight Loss Tips

Almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, and to a lesser degree walnuts, pecans, and peanuts are a great snack to keep your energy up in the afternoon. Replace your sugary snacks with these nuts, preferably raw and unsalted. In addition, you can add unsweetened dried fruit (such as dried cranberries and blueberries) if you really need something sweet.

#4: Drink Water and Tea

Drink Water and Tea - Simple Weight Loss Tips

Soda is one of the single greatest contributors to obesity in the United States. You should avoid sugary beverages, including sweetened tea or “fruit” juice, and instead drink primarily water, and lots of it! Water cures headaches, hangovers, and helps control your appetite. In addition, tea, such as green tea and black tea, is both delicious and great for your waistline. It can even help reduce the risk of cancer!

#5: Coffee with Cinnamon

offee with Cinnamon - Simple Weight Loss Tips

Coffee and cinnamon are both known to help regulate blood sugar levels, which is essential for losing weight. In addition to adding cinnamon, consider replacing sugar with Spenda or Truvia. And add a touch of cream if you like! A little won’t hurt you.

#6: Eat More (Healthy Foods)

Eat More (Healthy Foods) - Simple Weight Loss Tips

Many people think the secret to weight loss is to eat less and “control your cravings.” Not so! Instead, just add more healthy foods into your diet and you’ll naturally run out of room for the nasty stuff. For examples of healthy foods, see 10 Delicious Superfoods.

#7: Eat Breakfast

Eat Breakfast - Simple Weight Loss Tips

Many people skip breakfast because they don’t have time or, worse, think they’re cutting calories. However, by eating a couple hard-boiled eggs, a banana, yogurt, or any other really healthy food (avoid cereal and other processed foods) first thing in the morning, you actually kick-start your metabolism.

#8: Beans and vegetables

Beans and vegetables - Simple Weight Loss Tips

Replace rice, pasta, and potatoes in your dinner with beans and vegetables. Not only will you actually add flavor to your meal, but by replacing the bad carbs with slower-to-burn good carbs (and fiber), you will lose weight. This single tip was the main reason I lost 20 lbs over 10 weeks. If you go out to eat, avoid fries and instead get a side of steamed or sauteed vegetables. If you cook, serve your meat sauce over spaghetti squash or maybe kidney beans.

#9: Go Outside (not to the car)

Go Outside (not to the car) - Simple Weight Loss Tips

Try walking to the coffee shop instead of driving. Or, on the weekend go for a hike instead of a movie. You’ll not only save money, but also burn crucial calories. If you’re not in a walking-friendly area, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Two flights of stairs can even make a difference in your metabolism. If you’re ambitious, but don’t want to pay for the gym, try doing standing air squats every morning as fast as you can for 1 minute.

#10: Take it Easy

Take it Easy - Simple Weight Loss Tips

Don’t stress out over your weight. Stress can actually work against your goals. Perhaps tonight isn’t cheat night and you had ice cream anyway. Well, that’s okay. Just skip ice cream on cheat day. Or don’t. As long as your diet is improved overall, little mistakes aren’t as important to worry about. And remember, losing weight is a slow process. Don’t expect instant results!