Crazy 3D Street Art

Crazy 3D Street Art

How can they make the ground look like this? I wish one of these artists lived on my street!

#1: Hot River

Hot River - Crazy 3D Street Art

I would be scared to drive down the street if I lived here!

#2: Cavern under the City

Cavern under the City - Crazy 3D Street Art

Art like this makes me wonder what secrets lie hidden under every city street.

#3: Long way down the pole

Long way down the pole - Crazy 3D Street Art

This may pole is very pretty, but quite tall! What surprises me the most is how sunny it us in that subterranean world.

#4: Waterfall

Waterfall - Crazy 3D Street Art

I’ve always wanted a waterfall in my backyard, but like most cityfolk, that’s not easy to accomplish. Behold! A lovely waterfall right on the sidewalk.

#5: Quite the helicopter ride

Quite the helicopter ride - Crazy 3D Street Art

Hang on, it’s a long way down! Take a look at how the image actually had to fan out from the photo’s vantage point. Perspective is very tricky for a painting on the ground.

#6: Baby and the Frog

Baby and the Frog - Crazy 3D Street Art

I enjoy the juxtaposition of real people with street art. This young lady may not realize her role in the picture, but I love how she is pointing at the frog!

#7: The Tree

The Tree - Crazy 3D Street Art

I love trees. I buy almost every t-shirt from threadless with a tree on it. I just wish I could have seen Edgar Mueller’s tree here on the ground in Aarhus, Denmark.

#8: Times Square in Times Square

Times Square in Times Square - Crazy 3D Street Art

Julian Beever painted this mockery of Times Square right in the real one!

#9: TDC ad in Denmark

TDC ad in Denmark - Crazy 3D Street Art

This city within a city features a billboard. Many of these artists have learned to make their living by sometimes working with sponsors, such as, in this case, Danish telecommunications company TDC.

#10: River on River Street

River on River Street - Crazy 3D Street Art

This piece, inspired by the street’s actual name, features a raft with a flag and a waterfall.