Best Celeb Mugshots

Best Celeb Mugshots

Celebrities often take the best mugshots! Check out Lindsay Lohan, Jay-Z, Katt Williams, Charlie Sheen, and Mick Jagger at their worst.

#1: James Brown

James Brown - Best Celeb Mugshots

On my worst days I look better than this! James Brown was arrested in January 2005 on allegations that he had raped a former assistant at gunpoint. The case was later dropped. Or was this the time he was charged with pushing his wife to the floor in 2004? I can’t remember.

#2: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton - Best Celeb Mugshots

A bag of cocaine fell out of her purse in August 2010 when her boyfriend’s car was stopped for smelling suspiciously like marijuana.

#3: Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte - Best Celeb Mugshots

In one of the most memorable jailhouse pictures of record, Nick Nolte shows off an incredible head of hair after being arrested for a DUI in September 2002.

#4: Katt Williams

Katt Williams - Best Celeb Mugshots

In June 2011, Katt Williams used his SUV to trap a tractor driver and the driver’s wife in a driveway in Palmdale while women pelted the tractor with rocks. Not entirely sure what led to that, let’s say, misunderstanding, but I love his hair in this photo!

#5: Lindsay Lohan(s)

Lindsay Lohan(s) - Best Celeb Mugshots

With five mug shots taken in the last four and a half years, Lindsay has quite a record to compete with the rest of our list. Her record is littered with drunk driving, driving with a suspended license, drug use, and, of course, failing to abide the rather generous terms of her various probations.

#6: Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger - Best Celeb Mugshots

In 1967, Jagger, then 23, was busted during a raid at the house of his bandmate and friend Keith Richard. The charge was narcotics possession, not having the “moves like Jagger”.

#7: Jay Z

Jay Z - Best Celeb Mugshots

Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, was arrested in New York in December 1999 for allegedly stabbing a record executive at a Manhattan nightclub.

#8: Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen - Best Celeb Mugshots

Arrested in December 2009 in Aspen, Sheen was at the height of his Two-and-a-half career when he got hauled in on a domestic violence charge.

#9: Kid Rock

Kid Rock - Best Celeb Mugshots

In October 2007, Kid Rock, or rather Robert James Ritchie, was arrested by Georgia police after beating up another customer at a Waffle House. That’s one hell of a way to relax with a post-concert meal.

#10: 50 cent

50 cent - Best Celeb Mugshots

In August 1994, at the tender age of 19, 50, aka Curtis Jackson, was charged with selling heroin and crack cocaine. Serious street cred.