Cutest Animal Photos

Cutest Animal Photos

We all love cute animals, but which photos were the cutest last year? Take a look!

#1: Baby Panda

Baby Panda

Hang in there! This baby panda can be found at the Giant Panda Research Center in Chengdu China. If you visit, make sure to stop by the incubating room in the fall when they have very small bottle-fed babies.

#2: Baby Lemurs get a ride

Baby Lemurs get a ride

Mommy is giving the little ones a free ride. Gotta love the wide-eyed expressions!

#3: Playing jaguar cub

Playing jaguar cub

My kitten likes to paw at me too, but I don’t think he could do quite as much damage as this little guy.

#4: Big Yawning baby Sloth

Big Yawning baby Sloth

This little guy likes having mommy there to keep him warm. So much so, that he couldn’t help but yawn.

#5: Clownfish hiding out

Clownfish hiding out

Known for keeping safe in the arms of poisonous anemones, and for losing children named Nemo, clownfish are some of the cutest in the sea.

#6: Cute Bear Cub

Cute Bear Cub

Little guys always love their mothers!

#7: Buffalo on a hot day

Buffalo on a hot day

This guy decided to cool off in one of the dirtiest places around. This is the ultimate example of so ugly it’s cute!

#8: Baby Leaf Monkey

Baby Leaf Monkey

This cute little monkey got caught off guard, which really adds to the photo.

#9: Owling, old school

Owling, old school

These owls are really curious about the camera.

#10: Baby Turtle on Mama’s head

Baby Turtle on Mama’s head

This guy is going to grow up to be big like his momma some day, but until then they can sun together like this.