The No Pants Subway Ride of 2015 was a Huge Success

Every year since 2002 this celebration of silliness takes place around the world.

Why Parents Shouldn't Text

Parents and technology do not go well together- never have, never will. But these texting fails show once and for all why parents should absolutely NOT text!

Most Awesome Life Hacks Ever

We've got a collection of the best life hacks that humanity has to offer. Get ready to change the way that you do everything.

Worst Fast Food Fails

We all love fast food, but these chains need to get it together or we may not eat there anymore (LOL, just kidding).

Awkward Family Photos

The best part about awkward family photos is that they make the rest of us feel less weird. Unless your family likes to take pictures naked with props, you're all a lot less dysfunctional than you thought.

Worst of the Worst: Makeup Fails

These girls need their makeup privileges taken away before an innocent child or impressionable tween sees them.

Epic Breakup Text Fails

Remember when breaking up with someone was done the honest way: in person, face to face, with a tissue box near? Well those days are long gone, and now its completely normal to break up with someone via email, text and all the social media accounts. Yeah, it's as impersonal as it sounds. But with this new way of breaking up with your lover doesn't always work out as planned. Because your fingers are more prone to making a few mistakes..aka epic text fails. Check out some of the most embarrassing and awkward attempts at people attempting to break-up via text message. Karma?

Child Actors Who Got Really Ugly

Remember when we watched these guys on TV? These really were the top child actors in the 80s and 90s. You may have even had their posters on your your bedroom wall (we know we did). We used to adore these child actors as not just TV personalities, but role models as well. They were certainly people to look up to. Unfortunately, time changes everyone and it has certainly taken its toll on some of our favorite child actors. From drug problems to unemployment, some of these actors have really hit hard times. Most of them aren't even acting anymore, and they couldn't if they tried. Take a look and see if you can even recognize who these guys and girls even are anymore. What you see might shock you.

Make-Up Tips You Never Knew

Make-Up can be expensive, run out or just plain difficult. The last thing you want to do is drop big money on all of your essential makeup must-haves. Forget about breaking the bank and DIY. Sound hard? Maybe. But it's not impossible. If you want to get a gorgeous shine to your hair, or if you're looking for that fresh over-night mask, we have the answer. Here are some easy tips to help you get the most from your make-up but doing it yourself.

Celebrity Close-Ups

Take a look at these photos of celebrities but CLOSE. There's just something about being an inch away from someone's face that will change your attraction to them. Sure, they might seem beautiful from a safe distance, but when you get really close, all of the imperfections start to get bigger and bigger. In case you didn't know, celebs wear make up almost all the time, when they're on the job. So it shouldn't shock you that you might start to see a chink in the armor. After seeing these, you might want to rethink how you feel about HD television. Or at the very least, question how attractive celebs really are underneath all that makeup.

Deadly Vacations Spots Around the World

Planning a trip but don't know where to go yet? Don't let your next vacation turn into a tragedy. Check out these deadly vacation spots worldwide. We recommend that you read about a particular place before you go to it. Some of these places are definitely worth a peek but there are many pitfalls to a vacation and the worst thing that can happen is going on a vacation and having a bad experience. No one really wants that.

Weird Products You Didn't Know Existed

Inventions take innovation and creativity. Some turn out successful by helping make our lives easier. Others may be a fluke, existing only as novelty items that we joke with. Strangely, some are a combination of both. They are as random as they are useful. If you've ever had a need for something in your ever day life, chances are someone has created a product to do it for you. For example, does your extension cord not reach your laptop at your favorite desk? Someone has created a way to extend it from the wall, and it can be rolled back into the wall! Neat huh? Check out some of these other gadgets that you never knew existed but could change your life forever.

Effective Ways to Cut Belly Fat

Getting your stomach in shape can help you in more ways than one. You're not only healthier because you're probably eating better foods and getting the proper exercise, but you feel more confident in yourself and love yourself more. Studies have also shown that too much fat in the belly can lead to more serious health risks such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. So, with benefits like that, why not start improving yourself? Staring at pictures won't make you look like the covers of magazines and it sure as hell won't make you feel better either. Use these tips to work towards an improved version of yourself today!

Scary Ingredients in Our Food Today

When people say "be careful what you eat" and "you are what you eat", it is more important now than ever to pay attention. The ingredients and substances used in our foods today are abundant and scary. Majority of the time, they are the same compounds used in things like cleaners, fertilizers, pesticides, and more. If too much is introduced in your body, it can increase your chances of developing a disease and have major negative impacts on your health. One of the biggest issues with trying to combat this problem is that no one can really understand the ingredient labels on food... at least not without a lot of research and understanding. Let's be honest, do you really know what red dye #3 or red #40 does? For a starter, here's a little cheatsheet until you learn a bit more.

Weirdest Phone Cases Ever

A phone is more than an accessory, it is a functioning fashion statement. Whether you're a die-hard iPhone fan or a loyal Android user, it's safe to say that the case you decide to place your phone in can determine how you choose to express yourself. While some may go for the pragmatic solution of a wallet type so that you could put your cards and phone in one area, others may go for the cute and pretty gem type. Here are a list of neither of those, they are just wacky and weird. While they may add some bulk to your mobile, we must admit, they're a good conversation starter.