How Paparazzi Know Where Celebrities Are

Here you can find actual information about how do paparazzi know where celebrities will be. There are simple ways to learn about it.

Most Romantic Tattoos for Couples

It seems that every big phase of romance is sealed with a kiss. Why not commemorate your life together with something a little more lasting? For a love that’s sure to last, why not say so with something permanent? These tattoos are romantic, classy and downright cute! Perfect for those planning to spend forever together!

Crazy Products That Exist and People Actually Pay For

Ever wonder why cars don’t have fry holders? There is just a whole myriad of products out there you probably didn’t know exist. Stranger still is the fact that people are actually buying them. Here are some of the dumbest things you didn’t know people even could buy!

Tattoos of One Direction

Nobody knows why Harry Style and the boys of One Direction feel the need to ink up their bodies, but it sure is fun to look at!

Awesome Nerd Tattoos

Most people get tattoos to show their love or as a form of personal expression. These guys just want to remember formulas and awesomeness.

Weirdest Caffeinated Products

We all love coffee and soda (aka pop), but caffeine is in the dumbest places now. Soap, beef, clothes??

Best Celeb Mugshots

Celebrities often take the best mugshots! Check out Lindsay Lohan, Jay-Z, Katt Williams, Charlie Sheen, and Mick Jagger at their worst.

Weirdest Gadgets at CES

CES 2012 introduced sexy TV’s and the latest in tech, but flying cameras, dancing speakers, and the replicator? Weird stuff.

Cutest Animal Photos

We all love cute animals, but which photos were the cutest last year? Take a look!

Best Tablets of 2011

Everyone loves the iPad, but with the Kindle Fire there’s now serious competition for the top tablet.